Simply take one 5ml teaspoon per day on an empty stomach for maximum effect. Or as recommended by your healthcare professional.

One 150ml bottle contains 30x 5ml servings.

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Purified water, L-Glutathione, Phosphatidylcholine (Soy Lecithin), Flavouring, Natural Flavouring, Preservative: Potassium Sorbate, Sweetener: Sucralose.

For allergens see ingredients in bold. Product may contain traces of nuts.

Our Glutathione hits absorption rates other supplements can’t match. With liposomal technology, it’s proven to deliver over 8 times the absorption of regular vitamin tablets.

Glutathione is a compound produced by the amino acids cysteine, glutamic acid and glycine. It is a powerful antioxidant that is produced in every cell in the body, but in larger amounts in the liver. It’s involved in many bodily processes, including building tissue & reparation, assisting the immune system, and making chemicals and proteins needed within the body.

Glutathione is present in cruciferous foods like broccoli, kale, collards, cabbage, cauliflower and watercress. However, cooking these food sources can reduce the Glutathione content by between 30-60%. Supplementing with Glutathione will ensure a healthy level within the body.

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